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Individuals or groups can book one or more days with an Alpine Guide, to plan and live the mountain tailored for your needs.

Half Day Fee:  € 200.00

Day Fee:            € 260.00

The maximum number of components a group varies depending on the technical difficulty of the route, if required to provide two guides. Possible multi-day programs at special prices.


Hiking - Trekking

Leave the stress behind. Focus on nature and on yourself. Slip on your boots and you’re ready to go! From day excursions to week-long treks spending the night in the various refuges or even sleeping under the stars, all you need is a good pair of boots, your backpack and the urge to walk to discover enchanted woods, imposing glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, grazing ibexes and soaring eagles. We organise excursions for all tastes and levels. Excursions for children only are also available.