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Every Tuesdays 

Here’s a thrill that everyone can enjoy – easy excursions through the woods and valleys in the Stelvio National Park, in the winter silence, away from the towns, to observe roes, chamois, ibexes and, if you’re lucky, golden eagles and lammergeyers. The Alpine Guides carry a telescope with a tripod so you can feast your eyes on the life of these marvellous creatures during the winter.

WHAT YOU NEED: Suitable clothing, trekking shoes (or hiking boots or after ski boots), snowshoes and ski poles. Snowshoes and ski poles are available for rent.

BOOKING: within 6:30 pm on Monday

  • Guide Alpine Livigno c/o Plaza Placheda  via Saroch 1098/a
  • Office: 16:00 – 19:00  +39 371 389 24 80

WHEN AND WHERE: Departure 9:30 am, return approx. 12:30 pm. The meeting place will be announced upon booking.

Price per person:        €22.00          €25.00 with snowshoe and ski pole rental

Con Livigno Card:      € 21,00          € 24,00 with snowshoe and ski pole rental



It’s the winter version of hiking. Snowshoes, called drezole in the local dialect, are used to walk around in the snow. They are ideal for exploring the woods and valleys – enchanted places that seem to fall asleep in winter. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the lives of animals that spend the winter here. We organise excursions of all types, varying in length and difficulty.