Mountaineering course

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An evolved course to learn the technical notions needed to move freely on easy mountaineering paths. Three outputs are divided as follows:

– A day on rock: knowledge of materials, basic climbing movements, basic nodology, rope insurance technique, autonomous double rope descent.

– A glacial day: knowledge and proper use of ice equipment (ice ax, crampons, ice nails), progression linked to glacier and mixed terrain, realization of ice berths;

– the course ends with a mountain climbing on glacial land at altitude with overnight stay in shelter or bivouac; The choice of the top and the climb path will depend on the technical abilities of the participants.


  • Interalpen Agency Via Ostaria, 357 tel. +390342 996262.
  • Guide Alpine Livigno +39 328 7095950

Fee per person: € 335.00

The participation fee includes the accompanying Alpine Guide. Possibility to rent the necessary technical material (harness, helmet, if necessary crampons and ice ax).

The activity is carried out with at least 2 participants, maximum 4.


This is the natural evolution of hiking – pushing your limits on glaciers, along razor-sharp ridges or up mountain sides all the way to the top. Experience more challenging terrains and live unmatched exhilaration under the professional and knowledgeable watch of your Alpine Guides.