Nordic Walking Excursion

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For small groups we offer easy afternoon excursions of 2/3 hours, in the most suggestive corners of Livigno with suitable routes for everyone. During breaks individual and collective exercises.
WHAT TO DO: Comfortable clothes, sneakers.
• Interalpen Agency Via Ostaria, 357 tel. +390342 996262.
• Alpine Livigno Guide +39 335 432057

Fee per person:   € 20,00

The participation fee includes the assistance of the Alpine Guide and the use of specific sticks.
Minimum 4 people – maximum 15 people.

Nordic Walking

is a new sport that draws more and more aficionados every year. Nordic Walking is performed using specifically designed poles similar to ski poles. Nordic Walking is an easy, natural and very effective way to improve your physical condition and tone up, regardless of your age, sex and level of fitness. Nordic Walking can be performed on a number of terrains at all altitudes, in summer and in winter.